Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint: 4 oz Tester Pots

As is the case with all stockists in North America, we are currently out of stock on 4 oz. Tester Pots of Chalk Paint®. We apologize for the inconvenience and expect to begin offering them again January 2014.

ascp_paloma.jpg Paloma: 4oz Tester Pot $11.95
ascp_paris_grey.jpg Paris Grey: 4oz Tester Pot $11.95
ascp_primer_red.jpg Primer Red: 4oz Tester Pot $11.95
ascp_provence.jpg Provence: 4oz Tester Pot $11.95
ascp_pure_white.jpg Pure White: 4oz Tester Pot $11.95
ascp_scaninavian_pink.jpg Scandinavian Pink: 4oz Tester Pot $11.95
ascp_versailles.jpg Versailles: 4oz Tester Pot $11.95
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